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I share a vision with many

to reclaim death as a natural part of life supporting us to meet death with informed choice, humanity, love and compassion

When death touches your life, what are your choices?

I invite you on a journey to find out...

My service to you comes straight from the heart

Let's get back to what we know

This is a social enterprise and holistic service empowering you to travel a deeper, more peaceful journey with death, dying, funerals and ultimately, grief. 

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I'm Relle...

End-of-life Doula, Digital Storyteller, Coordinator and Facilitator

An End-of-life Doula provides a range of non-medical emotional, spiritual/existential and practical support, planning and coordinating, information and advocacy to people who are facing, or seeking an active journey with, their end-of-life. In other words, I walk alongside you with compassion so that you are empowered to have conversations and make choices about your life, your end-of-life, death and funeral. you at the table for conversations about what's important to you

Other things I do
  • provide community education and workshops around death

  • host community events, talking circles and presentations, all to do with death and dying

  • support you to tell and share your life story, or the story of someone you love through the digital storytelling process

  • advocate for and facilitate the beautiful process of caring for our own after death and DIY Funerals

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Be Empowered...Connect, Share and Learn

Education and Community Events

Grow an openness towards death, dying and grieving through sharing experiences, creative expression, education, presentations, community events, workshops and talking circles. 

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Gifting Love through Sharing Your Story

Legacy Gifts and Tributes

Understand why capturing precious life stories supports you & those you love on the journey through shared grief now, and into the future

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Finding Your Own Path

Support and Planning for End-of-life

Learn why talking about and planning for death is empowering and important, supporting you to die well, and to embrace living more fully now.

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Saying Farewell, Your Way

After Death Body Care for Vigils and DIY Funerals

Consider a shift back to earlier times when families took care of their own after death, whilst creating funerals with a difference that undeniably honour us and those we love. DIY Funerals are making a comeback.



I was fortunate enough to have engaged Relle to be by my side as I walked through the final weeks of my mum's life, then ultimately having Relle beside me as I prepared for the funeral, and support after the event. Relle's calm, gentle, professional manner enabled me to consider many options around what I really wanted to do concerning mum's care and also the funeral. Her support was invaluable. It has allowed me to experience a healthy grief with no regrets, and beautiful memories. I could not recommend Relle more highly to anyone who is looking for amazing support, insight and dedication. Thank you Relle for everything you have done for me and my family, through one of the most difficult times in life.

—  Janet, Aug 2020