Contemplating what next...

After death, what happens next depends on how well informed we are.

What's incredibly important to know is, we have choice. When there is an expected death, put the kettle on, sit down and have a cuppa. Take some time as a family to consider what's important before you pick up the phone. 

Most of us aren't aware of our legal rights when making decisions around what choices we have when we or someone close to us dies.

The decisions we make before and immediately after death can offer us space. Space to grieve well, gift us power and purpose in the process of death and loss,

supporting our emotional load and reducing financial pressures.

Traditional, DIY,
or a blend of the two?

Like choices in death, when it comes to after-death care and funerals, the choices we make and the plans we put in place make an incredible difference. Our preparation can assure us and those closest to know what we want,

and how important it is to us to have our last wishes honoured.

Our choices and plans make it possible for a send-off of our choosing to become a reality, honouring ourselves in the most personal ways, and offering tangible ways for our family and friends to farewell us, unburdening those closest to us. There are substantial financial and emotional benefits for everyone involved.

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