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I like to create ways for connection with others around the topics of death, dying and funerals. We all carry our own wisdom and knowledge, so let's come together to share, learn and to empower each other to strengthen our relationship with life and death. We can have more peace, more healing, more space on this journey.

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Opportunities to connect


"My Journey" Workshop

We're all on a journey towards our inevitable deaths.

We don't like to think about death, much less plan for it, however leaving our death in the hands of others can mean we aren't empowered with choice. This workshop facilitates the process of planning for end-of-life in a fun, creative and supported space with others who want to do the same. Let the power of exploring your options and sharing ideas lead you to a path of peace.

See below for more info. 

Coming soon: Digital Storytelling & Love Letters Workshop


Mutual support for people living with terminal illness

Living with a life-limiting or terminal illness can be very overwhelming and isolating. Experience the power of talking circles. Talking circles are a space to come together with others who are also facing death to share, be heard and acknowledged, supporting you on your journey towards death.

To find out more about Talking Circles


Dying to Know Day

An initiative of The Groundswell Project, a national day with events all over Australia to come together and explore stuff around death in creative, fun, out of the box way.

Eat. Share. Remember.

You are welcome to come together to share food, ceremony and memories of the precious people in our lives who have already made their journey into the great mystery that is death.


Bringing life, love and death out into the open for real discussion

Come together, share cake and a cuppa (buy your own) and talk about issues related to life, love & death - building our capacity to care and connect with death, dying and grief.

Meeting 2nd Saturday of the month

Location TBA

(except school holidays)

Postponed until

further notice

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Death never takes the wise man by surprise, he is always ready to go

- Jean de La Fontaine

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We're all on a journey towards our inevitable deaths. We don't like to think about it, much less plan for it. Be in the driver's seat by empowering yourself with choice.

Who is this for?

This workshop series is for anyone of any age wishing to approach life and death from an empowered place in alignment with their philosophy for living.


It's for active travellers on the journey of life who want to be empowered by the many choices we have around death, dying, funerals and ultimately, grief. You may be facing your end-of-life because of illness or age, you may have had a personal experience with death prompting you to evaluate what you want for your own death, or you may want to live with the knowledge you are prepared for death.

This process can be delivered one-on-one through individual Doula support and planning for people who are not comfortable in a group setting.