How Much for Peace of Mind?

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Story Projects

Gifting Love with Stories

Leaving Your Mark
Short version: Emotional Will
4 hours
Other Story Projects
Leaving Your Mark,
What Can I Say, You Are Here
6 hours
* These timeframes cater for most story projects. The above hours will be broken down into two hour blocks over multiple weeks. Story projects are a mix of a guided process with me, then there will be writing, reflecting, and photo/image selection you will do outside of these blocks. If you need more hours, we can negotiate a fee. 
Price includes editing & producing.
If choosing a book option, printing will be extra.
A path through endless hills with bloomi
Doula Services

Choosing Your Own Path

Tailored Support
Face-to-face in-home, hospice or health facility. Face-to-face support is ideal however Skype or phone support is available if you prefer, or for support in other locations.
$60.00 Hourly
5 hours - $270.00
10 hours - $500.00
15 hours - $750.00

* If you are experiencing genuine financial disadvantage, a reduced or no fee can be negotiated. 

I believe these services should be available to everyone in need.

If you feel this applies to you,

let's meet to discuss your needs and your capacity to pay.

Colorful Flowers
DIY Funerals

Taking Care of Our Own

After-death Body Care & DIY Funeral Support


In-home support with after death body-care enabling you to safely care for your family member at home after death, plus support to purchase a coffin, arrange a funeral, transport your person to and/or from home

$60.00 Hourly

Legal Documentation Support


Guidance around making sure all paperwork is in order to proceed with burial or cremation for a DIY Funeral

$50.00 Hourly