Our stories are so valuable, more than we may realise and especially at end-of-life...

"Story is the vehicle we use to make sense of our lives in a world that often defies logic." -Jim Trelease

Here's four reasons why


Stories take us and those we love on a multi-layered journey

For each and every one of us, facing end-of-life is an emotional and defining time. Capturing and sharing our stories strengthens and deepens connections with ourselves, each other and family knowledge roots.


Stories touch us, the results are beautiful every time

As we remember our story, we honour our beginnings and affirm who we are, reconnecting us to our essence and what's important. We may even find places that need a little bit of extra love.


Remembering our story tells us we're here, and in the hearts of those we love always

For the storyteller looking towards end-of-life, identity can be shadowed by age or illness. Telling our story validates us, our life and our place in our family. It brings us back to ourselves, and back to those we love.


Ultimately our stories leave a living legacy, they're our heartfelt gifts

Supporting us and those most precious to us on the journey though shared grief now, and into the future.

We've all got stories to tell. Finding meaning in your life when you are preparing to die is an important part of the end-of-life process. Consider telling your story and sharing it with those you love. The process holds great power to support you and everyone that loves you with the transition ahead.