Journey right to the heart of you and yours

Leaving or losing loved ones through death is emotional and it hurts.

These story projects gift love to you and the people who are precious to you.

Produced digitally, weaving images, video, voice and music. Or available in print.

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Blue retro toy car delivering heart for

Leaving Your Mark

Driving you down memory lane, giving rise to an intimate view of you and your journey through life.

Distil your gold, pass it on.

Write your own ending,

a message of love to those closest to you. This story process can also be used to record an Emotional Will, detailing your last wishes.

Kid shouting through vintage megaphone.

What Can I Say?

Articulate your heartfelt

message of love & meaning to someone significant in your life who is living with terminal illness. Say what's

important. Say it now.​ A perfect way to deliver a message to a loved one so dear from one, families, circle of friends, or people

who may be far away.

Heart shape hand for volunteering, love,

You Are Here

A beautiful tribute to a close friend or relative whose 

death has left a gaping hole in your heart and life. Create a tribute reflecting the love, the ties that bind, the ongoing thread to someone who has meant the world to you, as well as expressing the meaning of your loss.

More story projects coming