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An Ancient Healing Modality

Wherever you are on your journey, Reiki can support you. As we walk the journey of our life's path, we inevitably gather 'stuff' along the way. This 'stuff' may be in the form of trauma, emotional hurt and pain, negative programming, betrayal, physical ailments or injury, overwhelm, grief, anxiety or depression.


Reiki is a hands on healing modality founded by Dr. Mikao Usui and brought to the western world early in the 20th century. It's a form of hands on healing which seeks to balance the body, mind and spirit. Reiki can also be transmitted across time and space to a person, animal, plant or situation that requires healing. There have been various scientific research studies investigating the efficacy of Reiki. You can find some here. You can also find more detailed information on Reiki here, or here.

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Healing on a subtle level,
it's a beautiful journey that goes deep

My own journey with Reiki has been one that spans almost twenty years when I felt the quiet, powerful healing that followed after experiencing Reiki firsthand and then completing the first level training, Reiki I. With a history of trauma and substance use, I had undertaken many years of counselling which was an incredible journey of self-discovery and healing, however I was not able to move past a certain point with talking therapies. Reiki I training made it possible for me to gift myself Reiki everyday and heal much more deeply.


Over time, Reiki supported me to make major changes in my life, transforming my relationship with myself, and also how I respond to the world around me. After a couple of years, I completed Reiki II training with a plan to offer Reiki to others. This strengthened my practice, and over the years I have continued to gift myself Reiki, as well as friends and family.


After many years of personal healing with Reiki, I now offer Reiki as a practitioner. I am particularly interested in Reiki to support people who are moving towards their end-of-life or other big life transitions. This gentle form of healing can provide healing physically, emotionally and spiritually and can ease the transition from life to death. It is not a cure, rather facilitating balance by offering the possibility of added pain relief & helping to soothe emotional and spiritual distress.