Choosing, or maybe forging your own path

If you are looking towards your end-of-life due to age, living with a life-limiting or terminal illness, or wanting to put plans in place for the future, as a doula I can support you to investigate all your choices and take charge of your journey ahead. 

I'm here to listen to you intently. If you'd like to talk freely about death and 

learn about your choices, I can support you to figure out what you want and what's important for you. I can support carers and those in your circle as well.

Putting you and your heartfelt wishes at the centre, aligned with your values and 

beliefs, is more than important. The journey towards death is a process, a rite of passage. Be encouraged to embrace your end-of-life in your own true style. Experience increased comfort through the process of tailored support, a foundation holding you each step of the way, in your own time. 

At the heart of doula work is respect
for self-determination

You are living right up until you take your last breath. I strive to support you to find your own treasures waiting to be uncovered whilst also holding space for you to give attention to those places within that are private

and raw on this very personal journey.

I offer compassion, fearless communication, alongside emotional, spiritual or existential and practical support, and importantly, information. I can support you wherever you are - at home, in hospital, in a hospice or an aged care facility.  

A doula does not provide psychological support, medical care or advice, or legal advice.

Support I can offer you


  • Most importantly, expect presence and true listening with compassion and understanding

  • Facilitate frank, open discussion exploring aspects of death and dying important and pressing for you and your family, informing your path ahead & supporting you to live well now

  • Participation in Talking Circles providing mutual support 


  • Identify and build on strengths, and resolve gaps, in your support community

  • Provide information enabling you to make decisions for all aspects of end-of-life and after-death care

  • Support/assistance to put plans in place including Advanced Care Directives & Enduring Guardian

  • Creation of Emotional Wills


  • Referral to services, advocacy, practical solutions

  • Reiki to support your journey

  • Continuity as you require, including follow-up with family

  • If you are alone or isolated, I can accompany you on your journey with compassion and humanity, providing all these services, as well as beside vigil

  • Limited respite for family carers

Expect complete confidentiality, integrity, and strong ethical practice